3 Things You Can Do If Your Russian Lady Isn’t Responding

russian lady

If you’ve been online dating for a while you’ve already noticed that sometimes a person captivates you instantly. When that happens, you’ll check every little detail about her on her profile. You notice you have the same interests and dislikes and maybe even similar life goals. Sounds absolutely perfect, right? So you send her a message and wait for ten minutes. No response. You think she’s probably not online all the time or gets so many messages that you decide to send another “hello”. Still nothing and you begin wondering what could you do at this point. russian lady

We’ve come up with a couple of things you can do when your Russian lady isn’t responding:

1. Try not to over think it.

This happens often in online dating. You find someone that blows your mind, you send a message and don’t get an answer. You check the message and wonder was it something you wrote. Should you have changed something. Not said this or that. You need to stop. There are so many factors that go into this process and you must consider them. She simply may not have had the time to respond. These women have lives you know. Or it could be that unfortunately she doesn’t feel the same way. Just wait for a while and if she doesn’t respond then move on. There are so many stunning women you could be talking to.

2. Reconsider your approach.

We did say don’t over think it but some approached may actually not lead to the desired approach. Writing the world’s longest introduction may be too much. Also, writing “Hey pretty girl, what are you doing?” may be so cheesy that it turns her off. Be well-mannered, charming and keep it simple. Short and sweet, as they say.

3. Don’t force it too much.

If you are a hopeless romantic and believe in destiny then you should understand this point very well. If you two are right for each other it will happen naturally. She will have a look at your profile and contact you. Simply let it happen. You can never force these things by bombarding the woman with your messages and online stalking her. Remember there are so many women to choose from online. Just keep searching.

Key points:

If you think about it, she doesn’t actually owe you an answer, just because you show interest in her. Would you be okay with being obligated to start something with someone you aren’t actually interested in? Keep these things in mind when looking for your perfect Russian lady – they will make your experience a lot better.