Looking at the title you may think that we have something against Russian ladies but it isn’t true. It is just that because of the mail order bride boom – a lot of shady characters surfaced and started taking advantage of vulnerable men looking for love online. There are some ladies who think of online dating as a business plan – find a guy to pay for their lifestyle. This article lists three types of women you don’t want to get close to:

1. The Classic – The Gold Digger

Russian ladiesOnline: Normally it is very easy to spot a gold digger in online dating. Sooner or later this person will ask you for money. It could be for many reasons – a sick relative, being behind on rent and so on. Never send any money to someone you’ve only met online. Aside from that – you should also report it to the portal’s anti-scam team. Usually, these characters get banned.

Offline: Detecting a gold digger offline may be a little bit trickier, but it is still possible. Note that gift giving is very common in the Russian culture so if it seems that some lady is expecting gifts from you, it may not be because they want to use you. If these ladies seem unhappy with relatively inexpensive gifts, then that is a red flag. The real ladies don’t mind a box of chocolate or a bouquet of flowers.

2. The Dependant Type

Online: These women see chatting online as a way to get some weight off their shoulders. To them, everyone and anyone is a shoulder to cry on. They need a lot of advice. They contact you with problems or go on and on about one. Listening to someone’s problems is going to be tiring in the long run so steer clear.

Offline: Russian women want to know that they can rely on you so there may be some tests. Those are meant to show if you are there for them. But being a little dependent will not continue with them. They are perfectly capable of making up their mind and can stand on their own two feet.

3. The Party Girl Type

Online and offline: These Russian ladies are not looking for anything serious when they are online dating. What they want is to have fun and have someone do the sponsoring of said fun. If you are looking for a short term relationship, then this could work out great for you. But if you are like most men online dating – looking to commit for life then this type is definitely to be avoided.