Polish superstisions

Every year on November 29th, single ladies all over Poland engage in rituals trying to predict what the outcome of their lovelife will be. There are also beliefs about when to marry, and wishing on stars. This article highlights 3 unusual Polish superstitions on love that you’ll find very interesting:

1. Chimney Wishes Polish superstisions

In the West, people make wishes on birthday candles, wishing wells and shooting stars. In Poland there is an interesting wishing way that is completely different from anything you’re used to. The legend says that if you see a chimney sweeper you must grab a button, hold onto it until you see someone wearing glasses and then make a wish. Your wish will come true and you’ll be blessed with good luck for the whole day.

2. Dogs and Geese

This tradition takes place on St. Andrew’s eve. There are two versions of this legend that say that an animal can determine who will get married next. The idea is simple – the first person the animal approaches will be the lucky one. The bouquet toss can be done on any night but it mostly happens on St. Andrew’s eve. The first version goes for dogs: Each woman will make a cookie or a tiny cake and they will all be set in a row. A dog will be released from a fixed point and the maker of the first treat that gets eaten is the chosen one.
The goose version is just as much fun. You blindfold a goose, form a circle, then release the goose in the middle of the circle and the lady that is approached by the goose first is the next bride.

3. Lace, Leaf and Hat

This superstition determines if you are going to get married, end up a spinster or become a nun. With this one some older woman in the household, either your mom or aunt is going to place three items under three bowls or plates. The three items are a piece of lace, a soft hat and a rue leaf. The plates or bowls are set on a table and the single girl will choose one. People in Poland believe that if she chooses the hat she will have great fortune and will soon be married. The rue leaf means the Polish woman will be a spinster and picking the lace means she is going to end up a nun.