dating a Polish woman

Women in every different culture are very unique. They each have their own flavour and tastes. Dating a Polish woman is different from dating a Polish woman so we have some tips for you to keep in mind when you begin to date a Polish woman:

Reminder no. 1 – Flowers, especially on Women’s day.

Polish women value their femininity a lot. They were raised in an environment where women are treated like ladies and they are therefore used to guys being naturally chivalrous. Keeping this in mind – the flowers give women the feeling that they are important to you. There are several occasions for giving flowers like Valentine’s day, anniversaries(be they monthly or annual), her birthday and so on. Another important occasion is flower day. That is the International Women’s Day which is celebrated on March 8th. This day is more celebrated in Eastern Europe than it is in the West so remember to get her nice flowers on this day. dating a Polish woman

Reminder no. 2 – Chivalry is alive.

As we mentioned above, Polish women are from a rather conservative society where women are seen as the more gentle sex. Therefore, being the gentleman, you should: open the doors, carry her bag, help her to her seat in the restaurant, take her coat, offer her your seat on the bus if it is the only one left and so on. For a guy who grew up in a society where women fight for equal rights all the time, this may take some time to get used to.

Reminder no. 3 – Polish mothers.

Polish mothers are very protective of their daughters. More so than mothers in the West. They can also have negative stereotypes about Western guys that come from the fact that quite a few western men come to their country just to get married to a Polish woman and then move to the West with her. Now that you are aware of this you need to make sure you show her mother your best sides. Work hard to impress her and show her you have the best intentions. Bring her little gifts and flowers as well.

Reminder no. 4 – Polish women and affection.

You’ll notice very early on in the relationship that Polish women are very affectionate. That means lots of physical contact – you can walk hand in hand through the streets, she will use you as a pillow at home, she’ll want to put her head on your shoulder and spend some quality time together at home where you can be alone. This part of the relationship will be very rewarding for you.