Russian girlfriend

Getting a hot Russian woman’s attention sounds like a difficult task but once you know what to do you see it actually isn’t that hard. It does take effort however, but your efforts will pay off when you finally have that Russian beauty in your arms. How can you accomplish this without coming across as a bit too attention grabbing? Here are our 4 suggestions:

Option no. 1: Look Good

Sounds too broad? Here are the specifics. Dress as well as you can – otherwise you can only dream of getting that woman’s attention.
Russian women absolutely love to dress up. These ladies will dress up for a small trip to the grocery store. That is why they expect their male counterpart to dress up as well. If you don’t have a clue about how to dress better then ask advice from friends or family. There are also stores that provide professional advice.

Option no. 2: Project Confidence

This one is a bit more difficult to explain. Let’s have a look at an example. You are at a bar and see the most gorgeous woman. The way to Russian womanproject confidence isn’t standing around, staring and attempting to wave at her. Instead buy her and her friends a round of drinks, talk to her a bit if you can and then pay more attention to her friends. The main idea of this tip is to be a bit aloof but still confident and interested.

Option no. 3: Manliness

Yes. Manliness. Masculinity. Show off all that you have got. In order for you to understand the entire concept we will explain what that is in a Russian woman’s eyes. That means you need to be a gentleman: offer her your jacket on cold nights, open doors, take her to dinner, offer to take her home and so on. Express this side of you and it will score you points.

Option no. 4: Deep Conversations

Russian women love someone they can have long meaningful conversations with. Note that a Russian woman saying yes to your invitation can mean that she is curious, interested, or wants a friend who she can hang out with. Nothing is certain at first. Indulge in meaningful conversations, show her that you have some depth about you, get to know her and have her get to know you and you will be able to tell if there is real spark.

There are some topics you will want to avoid though. Politics, religion and money should be off limits at first. Russians are fiercely patriotic and don’t want to hear any critique about how its run. Religion and money are also very touchy subjects to steer conversation away from them.

Try These Tips Out

Try our advice and see how well it will work for you. They should provide you with enough help to get things rolling. If needed do more research on your own and log back on soon for more Russian dating tips.