It is much more than beauty and brains that attracts men to Russian women. Another great quality that men find irresistible about Russian women is how they have an understanding of men. They get how men think and they let men be men. That is most likely why Russian women make such great partners, lovers and wives. In this article we list 5 things that show Russian women know men:

1. They are Culturally Unbiased

Everyone who is dating wants someone who has an unbiased perspective on life. This is most true for people looking to date someone from another culture. The great thing about Russian women is that they possess this perspective and don’t put strong emphasis on the culture their potential partner is from as long as the relationship has love, commitment and support.

2. Age Is Irrelevant Russian women

In lots of places society still frowns upon an older man and younger woman relationship. Russian women have no problems with dating someone older. If you look at the online dating sites you will notice that the average age of Russian women looking to meet a guy is between 24-30 and their profiles also state that age is not an issue for them.

3. Loving to Look Good

Looking your best is a must for ladies in Russia. It doesn’t take a huge effort from them since they are petite by nature and have natural facial features that men find really attractive: their beautiful eyes, the shape of their lips and so on. They do put effort into maintaining their youthful looks by exercising, using skin care products and make up. These ladies know how much guys love women that look great.

4. Understanding Roles

Next to the three things mentioned above, Russian women also possess an understanding of the men’s need and expectation of being the head of the family. This means that these ladies are ready to take care of the person they are with. That doesn’t mean that they are in any way subservient though. These ladies are also focused on finishing their studies and doing great at work.

5. They are Passionate

There is a stereotype about Russian women that we’ve all heard of – they are great lovers and this is one stereotype that is absolutely accurate. You need to put effort into the relationship, lead as the man, treat her well and you can bet that your Russian partner will always stay as hot and passionate towards you as she was at the beginning of the relationship.

What do You Think?

Do these 5 things prove that Russian women know how men think? Perhaps we have missed something. If you thought of any other ways Russian women seem to understand men then leave your comment below.