So you’ve made the decision to fly over to Russia to meet your online partner. When you travel to foreign countries it’s always a good idea to do some research into how you should behave, where you should go and what should your activities be in the destination country. Russia has a very rich cultural history and there are expectations that may be very acceptable in the West but NOT what you should expect when visiting a Russian woman.

Expectation 1: Smiling

Russians are much more served about smiling than people from Western societies. When you visit your girl for the first time, you shouldn’t expect to be showered with smiles from her and her family. Smiles are reserved for family and friends and after acquaintances are made. You are expected to not smile much as well because strangers may feel so uncomfortable they start thinking you’re making fun of them. It sounds very unusual but it’s just how the Russian culture is.

Expectation 2: Gifts Just for Her visiting a russian woman

When you travel to visit her for the first time, the gifts you bring shouldn’t be just for her. In Russian culture it is customary to bring small gifts for everyone in the family. Anything else is considered bad manners.

TIP: Perfumes are seen as great gifts as long as they aren’t too expensive. You can buy small scents for each member of the family. Also chocolate is always a good idea if there are children in the house.

Expectation 3: Going Dutch

When you go to visit obviously dates are expected. Just to be clear, most Russian women will expect the guy to pay for the date. Traditions are pretty firmly in place in the Russian culture and you are expected to be a gentleman and to pay for the first few dates. Be prepared for everything: taxi rides, dinner, coffee dates, flowers and so on.

Expectation 4: Staying with Her

Staying with her is most likely out of the question. It puts too much pressure on the relationship at the early stages so the best idea is to book a hotel near where she lives instead of asking to stay at her place. It may be okay on subsequent visits or when you are engaged but the first time is a definite no.

Expectation 5: Intimacy

Even in the Western world, intimacy usually isn’t expected on the very first date. There is an unwritten rule in the West that the third date is the lucky one but in Russia, you must first work on making the relationship successful. In Russia intimacy is considered a gift that is only given to a guy that is serious about dating her. Don’t expect anything in return for just flying over there and paying for dates. Work on making your Russian date feel respected and loved and intimacy will follow.