Are you interested in dating Russian women online? Is it your first time signing up to an online dating site? First of all, it is great that you have decided to take this step towards finding love. Dating Russian women is very popular online; we are here to give you advice on how to be successful at it. Here are some things that you need to consider:

1. Signing up to a site doesn’t automatically guarantee success.

Russian womenExpectations are huge in online dating. Everyone wants to date a hot girl from Russia, and they think all it takes is just clicking on some website. That is called having false expectations. Don’t fall into this trap. For example – do some research into Russian culture to get a head start. The more you know, the higher the chances you are going to impress a lady.

2. The importance of a checklist.

It is vital that you take the time to think about what kind of a person you want to be with. Make a list of all qualities that matter to you and write that into your profile. Doing that will save you time – the right person can simply find you faster. Remember that you should meet the same standards as well. Also, stay realistic.

3. Read the horror stories.

Online dating can be unsafe at times. Read both the positive AND negative reviews about the site you want to sign up to. Also read about what the common tricks that scammers use are. The better prepared you are, the harder it will be for someone to try to one up you. Quality dating portals offer advice on how to stay safe and what to do if you’ve gotten into trouble.

4. Create a budget.

If money is no issue for you then just ignore this post. If it is then simply calculate how much, you are ready to spend on online dating. Services cost some money. A monthly budget is a very good idea – you can keep track of your finances.


Getting into online dating is exciting, but one must approach it cautiously. Do your homework about online dating safety issues and have fun dating Russian ladies.