Are you planning a small vacation to Kiev and want to mix things up by meeting some local ladies? What should you know about meeting girls in Kiev? First of all, Kiev is an excellent choice for dating someone. It is on the list of the top romantic getaway cities in Europe.
So, what should you know about meeting ladies in Kiev?

1. Playing the foreigner card.

meeting ladies in KievPeople are always fascinated by meeting a foreigner, so when you see someone you find attractive – approach them and ask for directions. The best way to use the foreigner card is by saying that you are on your way to a lunch and ask the woman of your interest to join you. If she declines your offer, ask her to meet you another day and get that phone number.

2. Don’t show off.

Trying to impress someone with money does not go over well in Ukraine. There already is a negative image attached to Ukrainian women dating foreign guys – that the girls are only in it for the money or access to another country and so on. You don’t want to look like you are adding to that. When you ask girls out, don’t take them to expensive restaurants or buy expensive gifts.

3. Expect that they are protected.

Or more like over protected. Ukrainian society still thinks in a conservative way – the men are very protective of the women. So when you go to a woman’s house or apartment to pick her up – don’t be surprised if you are met by her brothers or guy friends who want to take a long look at you. Expect the over protection and don’t get mad.

4. Planning dates ahead.

If you don’t want to walk up to people and ask them out, then plan your dates ahead of time. Sign up to Ukrainian dating sites and see if you can find women who are interested in meeting up with you. That is a better plan than just asking someone out on the street. This way you can be sure that you are meeting someone who is in and that potentially already likes you.