Russian women are notoriously strong, icy and confident in both their demeanor and the way in which the live their lives. But this doesn’t mean that they do not want to be treated like princesses and that you should not be chivalrous, romantic and gentlemanly at every given opportunity. Showing that you are completely enamored with her, as well as protective and gallant, will go a long way in securing your place in her heart. At Anastasia Date, we asked a selection of Russian beauties, which chivalrous acts make their hearts beat faster and will earn you some serious brownie points on a date.

AnastasiaDateBuy Her Flowers

Russian women love flowers and giving bouquets of glorious blooms is a common practice for any occasion in Russia. Be sure not to settle for just any old flowers, though, go to a boutique florist and select the perfect bunch one by one. Roses are the obvious choice- classic, timeless and romantic but make sure you stick to colors like red and pink to ensure the message of your romantic intentions comes across loud and clear.

Watch Your Manners

Remember that she will be watching your every move, and how you conduct yourself in public and when interacting with others is a clear indication of how you will treat her. Open doors, offer to take her coat and be polite to service staff. There is nothing more off-putting for any woman than a man who is rude to waiters and bartenders so be sure to say please and thank you and always remember to leave a generous tip. She Will Be Watching

Offer to Pay

It is becoming increasingly common on dates for the bill to be split or shared. Be sure to insist that you pay for all. Even if she pleads, begs or insists on contributing even just a small amount, thank her and politely refuse.

Ensure She Gets Home Safely

Do not automatically assume that she will be finishing the date and returning to your house or apartment and do not be quick to exit the scene if this is the case. It is polite and gentlemanly to call her a taxi, pay the driver in advance and ensure that she is on her way safely. Double check that the taxi is a licensed cab and taken note of the driver and license number. Never leave your date to find her way home or to take public transport.

Whist AnastasiaDate can not guarantee that your date will run smoothly, we can advise you to abide by these simple tips to be sure that you give a great impression.