Dating someone from a different culture isn’t always easy. You can make the process a lot smoother for yourself if you learn about it in advance. In this article, we are going to take a look at what are some of the things that every guy who is interested in dating Russian women should know about. Let’s take a closer look:

1. Russian women care about romance.

Russian womenThe women are used to being treated with respect, and they expect romance. In the Russian culture, gift giving is prevalent when it comes to dating and plenty of other occasions. When you are invited to dinner at a Russian household, you should bring a present. When you take a Russian woman out for the first time, you should also bring her something. Flowers and a box of chocolates are sufficient. The presents you get do not have to be expensive. In fact, it is better if they aren’t. Otherwise, you look like you are trying to impress the women with your money, and that does not go over so well.

2. Appearance.

Russian women are a lot about appearances. They embrace their femininity and are dedicated to taking care of themselves. Even something as small as going to the supermarket means they pull out all the stops to look good. Because of all that, they expect their male counterpart to know how to dress up as well. Perhaps you should update your wardrobe and get some advice about what to wear.

3. Being a gentleman.

When you take a woman out on dates, you should be the one that pays at first. Later on, if it suits you both, you can go dutch(split the bill). Other ways to be a gentleman are equally classic – hold the door open for her, help her to her seat, offer to take her home after dates. You know the drill.

4. Defining the relationship.

There is no dating several people at the same time in the Russian dating culture. Women expect to be the only one you go out with. Even if it has only been one or two dates. Becoming exclusive happens a lot faster there, so if you are looking for something casual you need to be upfront about it.