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In the vastness that is Europe, you will find so much diversity in the cultures. That is why, when talking about European ladies, you can’t really pinpoint specific characteristics that can tell you how they act, what they like and what it takes for her to fall in love. A Serbian woman may have similar traits to a Polish woman but individually, they possess different sets of beliefs and have their own unique features that have come from their culture and upbringing. read more

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There is a stereotype that says Russian women don’t enjoy compliments since they have a rather tough and cold exterior. Actually the opposite is true. A Russian woman just doesn’t want to be bombarded with compliments for 24 hours every day. It gets tiring, the compliments get old and it seems as if the guy has nothing else to talk to her about. The fact is you cannot charm a Russian woman by simply complimenting her looks. It takes much more than that. Russian woman read more

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This article details 6 words that best describe Russian women. There are plenty more to pick from but we’ve found these 6 to be the most valid:

1. Delicate 

This is probably the exact opposite of what you have heard so far. There are plenty of stereotypes that describe Russian women as if they were ice queens: distant, cold and unfeeling. While this may be true in some cases in definitely isn’t so with everyone. There may be a general feeling of them being emotionless because in the Russian culture smiling a lot just isn’t customary. Beneath the serious expression is a sensitive part. You just have to dig deep enough. Russian women read more

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3 Things You Can Do If Your Russian Lady Isn’t Responding

If you’ve been online dating for a while you’ve already noticed that sometimes a person captivates you instantly. When that happens, you’ll check every little detail about her on her profile. You notice you have the same interests and dislikes and maybe even similar life goals. Sounds absolutely perfect, right? So you send her a message and wait for ten minutes. No response. You think she’s probably not online all the time or gets so many messages that you decide to send another “hello”. Still nothing and you begin wondering what could you do at this point. russian lady read more

European Women

Making The Best In European Dating

european datingEuropean dating may be new in the context of online dating but in the real sense it is something that has been going on for quite some time now. In fact the term ‘mail order bride’ was coined in reference to European women who move out of their home countries to go and marry western men who they have probably never met in person. Thanks top modern advancements in technology today, European dating has evolved into a much better and more elaborate affair. There are many online websites that serve as European dating platforms through which people from different countries can meet, interact and date. read more