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Getting Past The Age Factor When Dating Younger Russian Women

Numbers show that when it comes to online dating, most of the men signed up to portals are around 40 years old and the women looking to date men are on average 27 years of age. Some women begin their search for an ideal partner at the age of 18. Now, let’s assume that you are reading this article because you are interested in dating a younger Russian woman. Possibly, you have some reservations about it and think that the age difference may become and obstacle for you. There are three things that can help you get past the perceived age factor problem: read more

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Dating Trends in 2015 – Should We Expect Something New?

The 21st century has come up with some great stuff for the youngsters. The evolution of technology has helped the young guys and girls avoid the fake relationships. The innovative ideas that are related to dating help them getting into a long-term relations and even finding their soulmates. There are many dating trends that we should expect from 2015 to come up with. Texting on an unknown number and hoping that a sweet reply would be the response belongs to the last decade. Move over that, now you have many options that will make sure you find your true love. read more

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Having a Foreign National Wife – How to make a choice?

There are two kinds of men in this world. Those who like a monotonous life are one of these kinds. They like to stay traditional and do all the stuff that is considered normal in the society. They marry a girl from their society, have children and die. Others are those that like spice in their lives. They prefer to marry someone who belongs to a very different place and has a completely different background. The urge of being different makes them find a foreign national wife. Marrying a bride from a different country has its own benefits and difficulties. The passage is a revelation for the men who aim to marry a girl belonging from a different origin. read more