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3 Things You Can Do If Your Russian Lady Isn’t Responding

If you’ve been online dating for a while you’ve already noticed that sometimes a person captivates you instantly. When that happens, you’ll check every little detail about her on her profile. You notice you have the same interests and dislikes and maybe even similar life goals. Sounds absolutely perfect, right? So you send her a message and wait for ten minutes. No response. You think she’s probably not online all the time or gets so many messages that you decide to send another “hello”. Still nothing and you begin wondering what could you do at this point. russian lady read more

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4 Things You Should Change On Your Online Dating Profile

It has probably been a couple of months since you’ve had a look at how your profile looks. You might be thinking that all you need for online dating is putting together a profile and then you don’t have to visit it again. However there are some things you may need to rethink. For an example that you don’t need to overlook what you previously wrote on your profile. Actually it is quite important and especially so if you’re still actively engaging in online dating. online dating read more

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What You Should Understand About Men While Dating Online

If you are going to use online dating for the first time in your life to find an appropriate person for yourself, then you should understand some facts about men. How men behave when dating online and what they perceive about women? The majority of men find it quite interesting to play with the women while keeping their identity secret. You can see differences in the attitudes of men while dating online as compared to the real life. read more

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Great Tips and Rules for Online Dating to Remember

Online dating is one of the trendiest and hip ways to meet someone new while sitting in the comfort of your own living room. The internet is full of happy testimonials of couples who met through an online dating website. Many of them are now happily married and living with children! But, while there are great stories, there are also a few horror stories of people who had terrible experiences with online dating. To keep you safe from meeting wrong people, and to keep yourself protected from predators, here are a few tips and rules for online dating to remember. read more