What Has Changed in the World of Dating?

Times change fast and especially so when it comes to relationships. Back in the 1940’s the main way couples met was through their parents. Nowadays people most often meet through the internet. Expectations have changed dramatically, and it can be difficult to catch up. What are the changes that have taken place in the dating world recently? Let’s take a look.

datingOne thing is for sure. Traditional courtship is replaced by casual dating. People get into intimate relationships much faster and also break them off much faster than ever before. Short term hookups seem to be the norm. It is also much more common for other things to be a priority before dating.

What are some of the outdated approaches to dating these days?

Exaggerating on your online dating portal. No longer is it acceptable to fib a bit. You know, usually about your height, weight, age and so on.

Being too caught up in the women’s appearance.

Sending the same pick-up line to every woman.

Taking forever to ask a woman out. Thinking it is somehow romantic to send long emails and texts without actually seeing each other.

Having a very specific age range for women.

Trying to figure out how to say what she wants you to say instead of saying what you want to say.

Staying in a relationship too long because you think you can’t find someone else.

Trying too hard and, therefore, coming off desperate.

Dating someone who is desperate – they drain all your energy.

Only looking for physical relationships.

So how should one approach dating these days?

The most important thing is to be yourself. It is refreshing to meet someone who dares to be this way.
Next, you want to be signed up to an online dating site. The wider net you cast for dating, the better.
Be a gentleman. That is something that will never go out of style; that’s for sure.
Date outside the box. Perhaps you have focused on a particular type so far. Relax a bit about the rules you’ve had so far.
Patience is key. You can’t expect to be dating your ideal person right away.