Tips for dating a foreign lady

If you are dating or considering dating a foreign lady, you should be sure you do everything you can to keep her happy. This explains why it is important to understand the differences between foreign cultures and yours. What is acceptable in the Western culture could deeply offend your foreign sweetheart. This short article examines the differences in western and eastern cultures and aims to offer you some advise to help you win the heart of a beautiful foreign lady.

The first thing to know is that no matter what, the cultural background of your current partner is completely different from your previous girlfriends.

Certainly the biggest difference is the fact that women from Ukraine, Poland, Russia and other Eastern European countries don’t mostly agree with feminist ideas. They don’t mind their partner being the man of the house. These foreign ladies respect their husbands and want to be loved as women and family makers. They will avoid disrespecting or humiliating their partner at all cost. For example, if something’s bugging a foreign woman, she will never make a scene in public as this would humiliate her husband.

With that said, foreign Russian or Ukrainian women plan their future from a very young age. When they go on a date with someone, they will contemplate whether the guy could look after her and their future family. A man’s capability to provide for his household shows that he’s ready for the responsibility. While this kind of behavior may feel suspicious for some, it’s practical to do so. It doesn’t mean that they are heartless gold diggers and will only date rich men, they just want to be sure that they could have a happy family and that the man can provide for them and maintain a certain standard of living.

For this reason, you should always offer to pay for the date as a foreign lady will use this to consider whether he’s ready for a family or not. Because these women do not follow the feminist ideas, they believe that the ability for a man to pay for the date is a matter of pride. In fact, no foreign woman would ever offer to pay for her share as she would be too afraid to insult her partner by suggesting he’s not able to pay for himself. Women from Eastern Europe are very traditional, especially when it comes to relationships and dating. You should definitely set up a date with a foreign woman if you’re not comfortable around liberal women.

Besides the two topics mentioned above, foreign women from Russia and Ukraine like dressing more sexy and feminine than girls in the United States. They put a lot of effort into looking beautiful by wearing beautiful make up, dresses and stilettos. Lots of American women consider their dressing style to be too daring and sexual, but this is just their way of attracting their partners.

There are a couple of differences in western and eastern cultures. By following our tips, you are sure to overcome the cultural differences and you could have a very happy and enjoyable relationship with a foreign woman.