There is a lot of misguided dating advice for men out there in the world. However, men should know that the best kind of dating strategy is to stick with the basics. No matter how independent women seem to become, they still want to be treated like a lady. Men should try not to be men, but gentlemen.

dating advice for men

Although this is an age of sexual liberation and celebrities constantly pushing the envelope, chivalry will always win a woman over in the end.
Dating advice for men often differs from advice given to women in that men are looking for the more practical answers for their dates. Whereas women think too much about appearances and the emotional side of dating, men are often curious about more sensible things.

For instance, where should a first date be held? Men shouldn’t always assume that they will decide where the date will be held, but it is an old-fashioned and still romantic thing to “treat” a woman with a date. Having things prepared before the date tells the woman that the man gave her a lot of thought. Of course, an old standby that still works for a first date is dinner and a movie.

Those seeking dating advice for men will often concern themselves with how to dress for the occasion. Although women normally obsess a bit more than men about what to wear, this is still a topic of concern for men. The answer is the same for both sexes: wear something nice, but don’t overdo it.

Depending on what the date will entail, one should go for dressy-casual. However, some more daring type of dates, such as ones that entail outdoor adventure, will obviously call for something different. A priceless bit of dating advice for men: groom yourself well, but go easy on the cologne.

Most people assume that men have only sex on their mind, and that hasn’t been disproved as of yet. For that reason, dating advice for men often veers down the path of the physical relationship. It is an old-fashioned rule to only kiss a
woman on a first date and there really isn’t anything wrong with tradition. Men should never expect to “get lucky” on the first date. Not only is this a disrespectful goal for the man to have, it may only end up disappointing him. Every woman is different, but many modern singles have what they call the “third date rule”. Assume that the woman will want to wait at least that long, maybe even longer.

Of all the dating advice for men floating around in cyberspace, one piece of advice will always save the day: be yourself. No matter what a man may say or do to impress a woman, the truth will always come out eventually. Although both
parties will be on their best behavior in the beginning of the relationship, one shouldn’t go so far as to pretend to be something he/she isn’t. Dating advice for men can range from old-fashioned to misogynistic, so one should be careful
whom he seeks advice from. After all, no one will know what to do in a given situation until it arrives. In the meantime, be a gentleman.