Dating a Hot Russian Bride? How to Make Sure She Doesn’t Lose Interest

Keeping a hot Russian bride’s interest

If you’ve been frequenting online dating sites for some time now, it’s possible that you have met a hot Russian bride you really like. You’ve already exchanged some letters and things seem to be going well when suddenly, you don’t hear from her again. Naturally, you’re left wondering what happened.

It’s sad but true, that one wrong move could put a stop to a great relationship before it has even begun. Here are some things you should consider if you want to be successful in dating Russian women online.

Don’t talk about sensitive topics on your first online date

It’s true that Russian women are known all over the world for their stunning looks and lovely personalities. This is the reason lots of men want to establish a more personal and intimate connection with their online sweetheart as fast as possible. The thing is, bringing up sensitive subjects like sex or marriage is not a way to establish that connection. It’s necessary to get to know each other better before discussing any of this. Bringing it up too early in your relationship is a surefire way to scare her off.

Hot Russian Bride

Don’t keep track at her whereabouts

Most people are using multiple social media platforms these days and it’s not difficult to find out what a person is doing or who she’s with at any given time. However, knowing exactly what your partner’s been up to seems creepy and your hot Russian bride may not be happy that you’re keeping track at her every move.

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Don’t text her endlessly

If you sent a text to your sweetheart and she doesn’t respond straight away, don’t keep messaging her until she answers! Your online partner may be leading a busy lifestyle and she may not always be ready to answer your texts. Sending ten messages in half an hour will make you look needy and desperate, so it’s best to be patient.

Don’t bother a woman who doesn’t seem interested

Russian women are tactful and they tend to drop hints when they are not interested in someone in order to not hurt their feelings. If she replies to your long emails with just one sentence or two, she’s clearly not interested and you should focus on someone else. You will know if a woman is interested in you.

Don’t talk about your ex-girlfriend

There’s nothing that will make a Russian woman lose interest faster than a guy who can’t stop talking about his ex-girlfriend. There’s nothing to gain from discussing this topic: saying good things about her will make it look like you’re still not over her; saying bad things will make you seem disrespectful, so it’s best to avoid this topic as much as you can.

We all make mistakes here and there, but it doesn’t mean that all is lost. Just because one particular woman is not interested in you, doesn’t mean that you won’t find anyone else. If you follow the tips above, you are sure to make your dream of dating a hot Russian bride a reality.

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