Ukraine girls are one of the most beautiful girls in the world. They’re also charming, adorable, and good-natured; hence, if you’re lucky enough to get a date from one of them, make sure that it is something she will never forget.

ukraine girlsHere are some ideas on what to do on your first date:

Have an early morning picnic, and watch as the sun rises across the horizon. A picnic is a fantastic and extraordinary way to enjoy breakfast together under the rising sun. A well-insulated canteen can be used for hot choco, coffee, or tea to keep you both warm in the cool morning air. Choose your romantic music ahead of time so all you need to do is play it. Make sure that your player is fully recharged or it has fresh batteries.

A ski date is another great date idea in Ukraine. Skiing can bring out a person’s true colors. If she’s good at skiing, as most Ukraine girls who lived near Ukraine’s famous mountain ranges are, you will know that she is caring if she waits for you as you struggle with your skis. It will show that she is willing to endure, if you keep on falling and she helps you up every time. You can also spend your ski date sitting next to each other in front of a lusty fireplace in the lodge.

Bowling is a traditional date idea with a good carefree feeling. The two of you can have pyvo (beer) and pizza while embarking on a friendly game. There are several bowling clubs all over Ukraine, especially Kiev. They have an easygoing atmosphere, so it is certain that she would hang loose and enjoy, which is essential. If she enjoys your first date, then there’s a big chance that you’ll see her again for another date.

The outdoors can be a romantic place, too, so you can also take her hiking on your first date. Of course, do this only if you know that she adores the outdoors as well. It is imperative that you choose a trail that goes well with your level of experience and fitness; or else, your date could turn into an epic fail. You’ll want her to remember your date with a smile on her face, and not a scowl; so do your best to correctly evaluate each of your hiking capabilities.

Another marvelous idea for a date is a day at the spa. Ukraine girls love heading to the spa, which is why this seemingly self-sacrifice on your part would definitely impress her. Ask for side-by-side body treatments, facials, and/or massages. Even better, aim for a spa that gives complimentary amenities, such as a fitness center or outdoor pool.

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Fishing is a wonderful choice for a girl who appreciates outdoor activities, and who is not dazzled by prosaic, mainstream dates. Prepare in advance to ensure that your fishing date will lead to a second date.

And lastly, since Ukraine has many vineyards, you can take her in one of them. Some vineyards have equipped themselves with hiking trails, picnic areas, playgrounds, and even swimming pools, turning their places into an all-day haven.

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