Most Russian women are passionate and alluring that is why they can choose any man to date. Now, if you’re so keen to dating Russian women and you’re the type of guy who doesn’t focus on things you can’t change about yourself such as your career or your looks, then you might have a little problem. While it is true that it is best to find a woman who would love you for who you are, a few extra effort in becoming irresistible will go a long way in helping you find that woman and keeping her by your side. Here are some ways to charm the woman of your dreams:

dating russian womenBe humorous. Humor is the most expeditious and most effective way to enchant women. According to Marilyn Monroe, if you make a girl laugh, you can make her do anything. And so, if you are funny by nature, then good for you. If not, then it is time to acquire some comical skills. Read joke books. Search online. Watch comedy shows. Do what you can to be funny because if you can make her happy, you become irresistible to her.

Be romantic. Romance is not just about candle-lit dinners, chocolates, flowers, and sex. It is actually about letting a woman know that you adore her. Dating Russian women needs the use of your imagination; the power to create in your mind things that will make them feel special. You must know when to give a compliment, or tell an interesting story that actively exhibits your attraction to her. In place of ostentatious presents, shower her with sweet messages such as: I can’t stop thinking about you or Whenever I think of you I can’t help but smile. It lets her know that even if she’s not around, she’s still in your thoughts.

Be chivalrous. Women like it when guys volunteer to do something for them, like carrying their shopping bags or opening doors for them. In fact, most girls find chivalry attractive. Though females these days are for gender equality and all that, at heart, they still want men to treat them like princesses. And even though dating Russian women has gone modern, like in the case of online dating, they still like old-fashioned courtship. They want someone to sweep them off their feet and do those little things that will let them know that you’re the real deal. Always remember that gentlemen make women go weak at the knees.

Be confident. Confidence that women want in a man has nothing to do with being arrogant and domineering. Women like men who are not preoccupied with what other people think or do, and who are not offended when someone disagrees with them or don’t like them. Girls fancy guys who are not clingy, needy, and those who always want to be the center of attention. This type of confidence also has something to do with mastering the ABC’s of good grooming and hygiene. If you are capable of attending to your own needs when it comes to your appearance, then you have what it takes to drive women wild.

Alex Vidal