Dating Russian Women Online – How to Improve Your Profile

When it comes to international relationships and dating Russian women, it’s important to make an effort to create a good and interesting online dating profile to ensure you get enough attention from all the lovely ladies on the site. Below are a few tips on what to do so you can improve your profile.

1. Use the right photo for your profile

Women tend to be more attracted to men who look happy and positive. It’s possible you’re looking for some help and ideas on how to show your best side without words. It’s actually not that difficult! All you need to do is add a photo of yourself that shows you smiling or laughing and having a great time. Many guys on any Russian dating website try and play it safe with their profile images by pouting into the camera or doing something intense with their eyes. While it’s true some women like these kinds of photos, most of them prefer a photo where the man is smiling and laughing. It’s important to choose a good photo, because your profile pic is the first thing a woman sees and you want to make sure she’s intrigued.

Dating Russian Women

2. Fill out your profile details and keep it light

If your charming profile picture has done the job and made a lady curious about you, she will then proceed to read through your complete profile. This is your one and only opportunity to spike her interest, make her curious about you and make her want to know more. It is crucial to look and sound good. Don’t write about your doubts of meeting a suitable lady on the Russian dating website and don’t mention your earlier dating disasters or concerns about frauds and scams. Despite the fact that it’s perfectly normal to have feelings like this, your profile is not the best place to introduce them. Try thinking of your dating website profile as a personal advertisement. Do enterprises promote their doubts in newspaper advertisements? No they don’t, so neither should you.

3. Don’t overdo it in your first chats and emails

If your profile photo and a great profile have attracted the attention of a beautiful Russian lady, she will then send you a request for a chat date. Once again, it’s essential to sound cheerful and positive, especially when it comes to the beginning of your online relationship. It’s recommended not to complain about the cost of dating Russian women online and do not accuse your lovely partner of being a fraudster either. Another thing, keep away from dramatic and difficult subjects like war, death and economic troubles. It isn’t that you can’t talk about these subjects at all, of course you can, however, it is advisable to make things easy in the beginning and avoid dark subjects. If everything goes well, you will have plenty of time to go over the difficult things that concern you the most.

In summary, the very best strategy for attracting the interest of Russian women and keeping them interested in you is staying positive. Even though life is not always simple, an optimistic and light attitude can go a long way in winning a woman’s heart.

Alex Vidal