If there is one thing to know when dating is the fact that ladies are not  attracted to guys who don’t respect Russian women and their country, culture and traditions. Consequently, it really is crucial to act like a gentleman at all times if you’d like to be successful in international on-the-web dating. Below is a list of some recommendations that could help you stay away from offending lovely Russian women on online dating sites.

1. Learn things about her country and don’t believe the stereotypes.

There are many different unfair and inaccurate stereotypes about women from Russia and other nationalities in Europe. You shouldn’t take any of this seriously if you want to impress an international lady. Stating facts that all Russians are communists or all women can’t wait to escape their country and wed a western guy will only make you sound foolish. You must treat all ladies like they are special and you shouldn’t make any assumptions based on their nationality.

If you’re interested in impressing them when dating Russian women, ensure you make an effort to learn more about their country of origin. Understanding fundamental geography by studying the maps and knowing the most important events in Russia’s history will be a great way to start. It wouldn’t hurt to learn a couple of phrases and sentences in her language either. She will appreciate the effort you are making and will be delighted that you wish to get to understand her better. Also, some extra know-how knowledge has never hurt anyone before.

2. Be respectful

A true gentleman will never laugh at a lady’s country or culture. Despite the fact that quite a few women might agree with your opinion and even think that your jokes are funny, they may not appreciate hearing critique about their nation from a foreigner. Always be respectful and never say anything negative about her home country until you know her a lot better and have made certain that she won’t be offended. Even then, be cautious whenever you bring up this subject. You don’t want to make your lady feel like her nationality is second class or her country not good enough for you, you have to respect Russian women.

3. Never make fun of her English language skills

You should never make fun of someone’s foreign language skills or criticize your online partner if she makes a mistake. Even when you’re not serious and are only joking it might sound mean to her and that you don’t respect Russian women and your words and attitude could hurt her feelings. This is even more true if you can not speak her language yourself. It’s never easy to learn a new language and being made fun of by a native speaker only tends to make the process more difficult. Remember to be patient with your lovely lady and help her improve by telling her gently when she makes a mistake.