In the vastness that is Europe, you will find so much diversity in the cultures. That is why, when talking about European ladies, you can’t really pinpoint specific characteristics that can tell you how they act, what they like and what it takes for her to fall in love. A Serbian woman may have similar traits to a Polish woman but individually, they possess different sets of beliefs and have their own unique features that have come from their culture and upbringing.

While the language of love is universal, you need to know the different kinds of European ladies to better understand you chances of finding one of your liking to date and maybe even making her your wife. As we mentioned earlier, Europe is enormous so we made a little list of the most popular kinds of European women: European Ladies

The European Woman from Russia/Ukraine

The most important thing to know about these ladies is that the beginnings are always difficult. The reason we say that is that Russian women specifically won’t be showing you too much kindness before your relationship moves a bit further. It’s common in the Russian culture to have a tough exterior. Another thing to understand about these cultures is that the gender stereotypes still prevail. You are expected to act like a true gentleman and treat her like a princess.

The European Woman from the Czech Republic

Czech ladies are definitely a perfect 10 in the online dating world. What you need to know about these European ladies is that they are very romantic. Perhaps even overly romantic, like “let’s go see a romantic play at the theatre and have long walks on boulevards” kind of romantic. With these ladies it is important to be open with your emotions. If that suits you then this is the right type for you.

The European Woman from France

The French women! They are extremely flirty, stylish, cultural and very proud of their country. These ladies are everything a guy could dream of. For them it’s all about the chase. They love to play hard to get and love it if the guy puts in some effort. You can show her your romantic side and play hard to get at the same time. That should get her interested. If you happen to be an artist in spirit then even better for you! Show her that side of you.

The European Woman from Romania

Romania is a bit like Russia and Ukraine when it comes to gender stereotypes. Because of it’s history most people are kind of stuck in the past and have grown up to be very traditional marriage-minded people. The Romanian woman will be perfect for you if you’re a stable guy with a stable job and are looking to settle down and create a family.

Did you find your type?

As we mentioned earlier, Europe is huge and there are too many cultures to include in one post but perhaps one of these European ladies caught your eye.