European vs American Dating Culture

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The article at hand takes a look at the differences in the dating culture between Europe and America. Most western readers will find the differences very surprising. European dating has its own unique rules and if you are looking to date in that part of the world or date someone from there then you need to have an understanding of what those rules are.

Difference no. 1 – In Europe people don’t usually date several people at the same time.

In the United States, however most of the time when dating, people may date several people at the same time and there isn’t anything unusual about it. In Europe even in the early stages you are expected to be exclusively dating one person. It is okay to break it off and start dating someone shortly after but most people don’t date several people at the same time. So when you start dating a European european womanwoman remember that it’s going to be exclusive very soon.

Difference no. 2 – Going Dutch.

In the United States it is the guy that is expected to pay for the date but in Europe the bill is split. Expecting the man to always pay for dates is seen as draconian and the woman being very dependent not the guy being nice. It is okay for the men to pick up the bill sometimes but surely not always because it seems very conservative.

Difference no. 3 – Casual and not so ceremonial.

In the U.S. the first date comes with a lot of pressure. People over think everything – what they should be wearing, talking about and how their hair should be. It gets exhausting. In Europe the scene is much more casual where the first date is much like two friends spending time together. There is supposed to be a relaxed and good vibe to it.

Difference no. 4 – It is not a game.

We often see in movies that in America dating is treated as a game. The guys aren’t respectful to the women and the women flirt even when they have no interest in going out with the guy. In Europe people are incredibly straightforward – in the case that they aren’t into you they won’t flirt. And not only that – they may even tell you to back off even if you are just casually flirting. You are not supposed to take that as an invitation to begin chasing them. Europeans are not into that.


These are not the only differences in the American and European dating culture and if you want to start dating a European woman then you should do more research on your own. Visit back with us soon for more dating related articles.