Numbers show that when it comes to online dating, most of the men signed up to portals are around 40 years old and the women looking to date men are on average 27 years of age. Some women begin their search for an ideal partner at the age of 18. Now, let’s assume that you are reading this article because you are interested in dating a younger Russian woman. Possibly, you have some reservations about it and think that the age difference may become and obstacle for you. There are three things that can help you get past the perceived age factor problem:

1. Take a Look at the Numbers

Russian womenSearch for information about younger women online dating older men and you will be surprised at what you see. There are plenty of successful relationships where one party is significantly older than the other. Some studies even suggest that Russian women may prefer dating older women and that for two good reasons: older guys are perceived as being more stable and having their priorities straight.

2. We Are As Old/Young As We Feel

That isn’t to say that when we get older, we should try to act like 20-year olds. What we mean is that age is only a state of mind. If you take good care of yourself – eat healthy, take care of your body and mind then the fact that your body ages becomes unimportant. Taking care of yourself will boost your confidence.

3. Personality

Though it sounds corny, it is actually what matters in dating. Also, Russian dating culture differs from that of the U.S. People don’t play any games and character, attitude and personality are what matters. Looks come into play only when it comes to dressing up for important events. If you are sincere, brave, well-rounded and well mannered, then all doors are open for you.

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In Conclusion

As you can see, it is plausible to date a younger Russian woman successfully, should you be interested in that. Just remember our tips and enjoy your dates.