Now and then, the art of persuasion can be difficult, particularly if you are the type of man who believes that material gifts or absurd chat-up lines will draw the attention of European women. If you understand what you are doing and you know how to conduct yourself, you can get what you want most of the time. However, when it comes to first impressions, if you make a mess of your primary plan of attack, consider yourself unsuccessful lest you have the skills and wit to recover.

european womenTo choose the right men, European women have to throw out all the wrong ones. If there was no way for them to blot out clingers, creeps, jerks, and losers, then they would be having relations with thousands of men, losing their values, taking chances on their health, and consuming a lot of time for nothing.

European women have to handle more nonsensical things in their daily lives compared to men. Anywhere they go, they would have to deal with guys who would try to hit on them. It is even worse online, particularly in social networking sites, forums, and chat rooms, because men tend to be more intrusive there, given that they really can’t be seen. Hence, in order to protect themselves from these undesirable approaches, women pretend to act mean.

Many women, who are naturally sweet, all of a sudden become harpy, the moment a man does or says something nasty or out of line. This abrupt change in attitude is a woman’s natural defense against unacceptable guys. This is their protective action to guarantee that they don’t end up with the wrong men.

Also, there is just not enough time in a woman’s life span that would enable her to award every guy her attention. Even if she wants to, it is simply not possible which is why her consideration should be earned. European women basically know that only worthy men can tear down their external walls and win their hearts.

A woman’s nasty facade is utilized to avert ill-favored guys in an instant, giving her time to turn her focus to those who are honorable. Any man who falls flat in penetrating her bad-tempered bluff would be deprived of her ardor.

So how do you get past this?

The most excellent way to crack open her tight shell is to just be yourself, and not let her mean streak get to you. If you direct the steps, set the standards, and conduct the connection, she would be compelled to adjust her mental outlook. Be firm in what you want even if she deflects you. If you get blown off, stand up, go back, and try again. Your persistence in trying to unlock her heart could actually pay off.

If you remain unspoilt by her unkindness towards you, she would, in effect, admire you for it, proving to her that you are someone who is ready to love her in spite of her disagreeable demeanor. Nevertheless, you also need to be ready to accept that sometimes, despite of your patience, she’d remain irritable around you simply because she just doesn’t like you. It can happen, and you just need to move on to other European women.

Alex Vidal