The media, society and everything we have come to understand about relationships have conditioned us to believe that we are meant to be monogamous. That two people are supposed to be together, and forsaking anyone else, and remain as thus until death do you part. But is this the case? Or is the concept of monogamy nothing more than a social construct designed to force us to conform to the ideal of the nuclear family?

monogamyQuestioning the Idea of Being Monogamous

Take a look at the animal kingdom. Biologists have discovered that out of the many thousands of species of animals, only 2-3% forge long term, single partner relationships that last for life. The rest either mate with multiple partners throughout a lifetime. Or in the case of the praying mantis, the female decapitates the male directly after intercourse. Science would suggest that we as humans are in the minority in our monogamy. Forging monogamous relationships may be going against our pre-programmed primal instincts.

Reasons People Can Stray

Statistics show us that men are more likely to cheat on their spouse or partner than women. It is suggested that this is due to an inherently ingrained instinct to ‘spread their seed’. To produce high numbers of strong offspring to strengthen the species. Take the example of Muslim matrimonial traditions and the common practice of men having multiple wives. That is due, in part to ensuring that the familial bloodline continues with as many strong, healthy male and female offspring as possible.

Monogamy and Staying Faithful

Could having multiple fulfilling relationships both simultaneously and throughout a lifetime, benefit the individual? Also, regarding social, emotional and physiological development as well as ensuring a line of healthy descendants? Surely, doing what it seems we are genetically programmed to do would yield the best results. The problem is that the idea of monogamy and staying faithful to one partner is so ingrained in our culture. It seems the very idea of polyamorous or non-monogamous relationships is still met with outrage and disapproval amongst liberals and conservatives alike. So, I would advise against asking your girlfriend or potential love interest if she minds you spreading your seed.