Cases of identity theft are fast increasing, especially in the United States. Likewise, scam cases are quickly growing in the online dating industry, particularly in Russian dating sites. With all the technical improvements, it even gets harder to recognize scammers. However, regardless of which Russian dating site you are using to find a potential partner, the most effective method in protecting yourself from being scammed is to establish familiarity with these cheats and to have a sound judgment.

Types of Scammers On Russian Dating Site

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There are two types of scammers on a Russian dating site: those who work alone, and those who employ a group of people to produce a great number of fake profiles and get in touch with as many guys as they can.

Scammers ask for your personal email address as soon as possible to begin a private conversation. This is to ensure continuous correspondence with you because some online dating sites have their way of finding out those people who are there to fool others, so these charlatans actually get kicked out of the site really quickly.

Another distinguishing character of scammers in a Russian dating site is that they admit to falling in love with you right away. Nevertheless, there is actually a clear way to analyze a woman’s authenticity. Ask her questions and examine her replies. These chiselers tend to talk about the same topics again and again. Almost all crooks are impatient. They pretend to be quick in their decision to hooking up with you so that they can expeditiously move on to their next victim. You should know that a normal Russian woman does not rush into a relationship.

You must also take added caution when the woman you are talking to comes from Cheboksary, Gomel, Kazan, or Mari El Republic.

A scammer would also insist on visiting you, instead of you coming to meet her. If you tell her that you prefer to be the one to go to Russia to see her, and she is not happy about it, stop communicating with her. There is a strong possibility that she is a con artist, who wants to receive money for a trip she will never embark on. The most common armaments that are put to use by conveners are fare tickets and travel visas. Frequently, they would say that they know someone from the embassy who can immediately process their documents for a price. Of course, this is not true because they just want you to send them money. You must only allow for legal ways of getting travel visas through your own personal invitation or by way of a creditable travel agency. Be wary, too, of travel agencies that they would suggest. These are mostly counterfeit companies that do not really exist. If the travel agency does not accept credit cards, then it is most likely fake since almost all distinguished travel agencies accept major credit cards.

Always remember to never ever send money to some person you just met in a Russian dating site or anywhere online. Not because you have been communicating with them for months does not mean that they are not illegal. A few connivers can go on pretending until they get what they want from you.

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