While online dating seems to be the greatest invention the world has ever seen and lots of people consider it to be like online shopping for a partner, where you look through profiles, find someone you like and send a letter introducing yourself, things are not always as easy as they seem. While sending a letter could certainly mean an exciting life full of love and romance when someone replies, you’ll often go home empty handed. The reason being, many people underestimate the importance of a good dating site profile.

Reasons why you should take time to create a good dating site profile

Many internet dating articles and counselors will try to convince people that what they write for their first message is the most important skill they’ll ever learn. While it’s certainly true, it’s not the most important thing. Naturally, they way you introduce yourself in your opening message and your profile will dictate how much success you will have with online dating, but what’s more important is how someone reacts to your profile image as it is the first thing they will see.

The way you describe yourself will naturally determine whether people will click through your profile or not, but it’s that little thumbnail image that will determine if they open your message at all. This doesn’t apply to all women, of course, but the truth is, the more letters a woman receives every day, the pickier she’s going to be. I’m sure you’ve deleted someone’s message based on their profile image at least once and imagine now how often you’d do it if you received thirty letters a day instead of just one.

Remember that most beautiful women don’t even bother to open all of their messages just for the hassle of sifting through them all. You’re better off assuming that a quick glance at the thumbnails is all a woman’s going to use to decide whether to open a particular message or not. If you don’t have a quality photograph uploaded, you might as well give up now. Don’t use any formal pictures or Myspace style “selfies” either – you need an image which shows you’re a fun and relaxed person with an active social life.

When it comes to your profile information, it doesn’t really matter what you write as long as you’re conveying vulnerability and sincerity. The best way to portray this is by writing your main biography in a casual conversational manner without trying to make yourself look better. You’re not writing a CV nor are you auditioning for anyone, so don’t write to impress. It could come across as needy and boring and no matter how hot you look on that profile image, no woman will want to get to know you if you sound like a douche bag.

Vulnerability means opening yourself up without fearing rejection. Don’t be afraid to let people know who you are and what interests you. A man who is comfortable in his own skin and confident in sharing his feelings without being concerned about what others think is very appealing to women. Ask someone you know to read through your profile and advise you if it represents your personality honestly or makes you sound like a crazy person.

Online dating may be a little bit scary if you’ve never done it before, but if you keep the above mentioned information in mind when setting up your profile, you’ll have a great time. Enjoy yourself and stay safe!