Whatever dating experience you’re looking for, be it meeting women via a dating agency, a romance tour or via international Russian dating, Russia has got it. The dating business is expanding rapidly as more guys than ever before are looking for spouses from foreign countries, which means it’s now way easier to meet single women. The agencies have come up with a new service called Russian romance tours, an occasion for possible couples to learn more about each other. In case you haven’t been on the international dating world for too long, you’re probably thinking that this is not doable. You could think that the folks signing up for this type of deal will have to go to Russia (far from home), see the sights, take a tour and then meet women as well. This sounds like a lot of trouble and a lot more pricey than dating girls online. Although this is certainly true, hundreds of men are prepared to spend the extra money to get the dating experience of their life.

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Length of the Tour/What’s Included

Most of the costs of your trip are included in the tour – from airfare and airport transfers to professional translators and social functions. International Russian dating service providers try their best in offering you anything you need, so when you are on the tour, all you have to do is focus on dating girls from Russia. The duration of each tour is different and will depend on the company you’ve chosen, but to offer the maximum and let you take your time, the tours last about ten days.

Most Popular Locations of Romance Tours

Russia is a land with rich history. Several heritage sites and interesting places make it the perfect place for a getaway. With these romance tours, the most visited places are St. Petersburg, Moscow and Novgorod, just to name a few. These locations are chosen because of their scenic spots, soiree destinations and, of course, the number of wonderful local girls nearby the area.


There’s no standard price for a typical romance tour as these vary for different agencies, as do the activities on each tour. Expect that the prices range from $2,000-$5,000. Of course, there are special discounts available, like the early bird payment, for example. Most clients of the dating companies are based in the US, having said that, there are some non-US clients too. In cases like this, the customer can purchase a land only package that includes all but the flight tickets. Besides the inclusions mentioned above (activities, transfers, accommodation, etc), the prices may also include promotions like membership deals or credits for the Russian dating services website. They might even help you with the processing of a spouse visa (in case you get lucky).

Choosing a Russian Romance Tour

When choosing between romance packages, you’ll be surprised to find that it will be pretty much the same as choosing a holiday package. Things to consider are:

-What experience am I expecting from this tour?
-Which tour package has the most positive feedback?
-Which tour package is not too expensive for me?

It’s good to know what you’re there for when you’re choosing the right romance tour. This will help you narrow down your choices. Be sure to find out everything about what the package you’re paying for includes – the type of your hotel, planned activities, the food that’s served, etc. Other than to meet single women you have always wanted, you will also want to have the experience of a lifetime.