If you’ve been unlucky in your previous relationships and have lost all hope of finding that woman who is just right for you, don’t give up yet. Type in “dating Russian women” on Google and you will find a number of different dating websites with hundreds of profiles of beautiful Russian women all desperate to find love, just like you. Even though it may be a daunting idea, dating a woman from a different country and culture, lots of men have given it a try and have found their partner this way. There are many stories written about couples who have had to spend a lot of time apart during their relationship. What’s common in all those stories is the happy ending. If you put enough time and effort in it, it is possible to succeed in long distance dating.

Tip 1. Always, always keep in touch.

This is probably the most important thing if you have just started dating Russian women online. Even though you can’t be together yet, be it because of visa issues or financial reasons, you can be aware of everything that happens in your partner’s life. Being in touch frequently is one of the things that women need as it will foster the feeling of being connected to each other. This will ensure that the relationship will work and help you get over any problems you might have. Thankfully, all the online couples can use technology to communicate with each other as there’s no lack of ways to be in touch every day. What’s even better – these ways of communication are not expensive at all. Features like emails, web cam chats and virtual dates cost almost nothing and provide a simple way for you to see each other whenever you want.

Tip 2. Setting boundaries will save the relationship.

Feelings of jealousy and insecurity are absolutely normal in every relationship, but these feelings may crop up more often when it comes to online dating. Questions like, “Are there other guys close to my beautiful Russian girlfriend?” and “What are their intentions with her?” are completely normal. At the same time, your darling could be wondering too – “Am I the only woman in his life?” “Am I important enough?”  It’s nearly impossible controlling these feelings, but you can control the way you handle this together. By setting expectations and clear boundaries, it is possible to handle long distance dating and avoid fights and misunderstandings. Because your main goal is to get married eventually, it is only natural to expect both of you to stick to these rules, especially regarding the opposite sex.

Tip 3. Talk about your money.

There are several reports around about the frauds and scams of dating Russian ladies online. Hopefully you are not thinking that your long distance girlfriend is trying to scam you, but to clear any suspicions of a fraud, talk to your partner about your financial situation. If you hear from you woman that she went shopping the other day, try to casually ask what she bought and how much it cost. From this alone, you can already learn whether she is any good with money or not. If you are just an average Joe, talking about money is important as you would not want to discover one day that the love of your life has spent all your hard earned cash.