Did you know that online dating has become the second most popular way couples meet? The first way is via family or friends, but the online world is catching up. There are both upsides and downsides to online dating and in this article, we take a look at the positive sides. How come so many people sign up online?

1. Less Pressure

AnastasiaDate-lady-AnaWhen you look for a partner online, you get to be in the comfort of your home. You can go through a huge number of profiles and pick out exactly what you are looking for. That makes the likelihood of finding someone who is a match a lot quicker. It is a way for you to save time and possibly determine if you and the person you are going out with are even remotely compatible.

2. Variety

By variety, we mean easier access to women from all over the globe. You can be dating someone who lives on the other side of the globe. That makes for another great benefit – online dating is so convenient. There are tons of dating tools available to make the process easier, like video chat, live chat, phone calls and so on.

3. Anonymity

There is no need to disclose any information about yourself that you consider private. Unlike dating someone in person and having them ask you something when you are out on a date. That makes keeping certain things to yourself a lot more difficult.

4. Saving Face

We have all been worried about rejection and especially rejection that happens in dating. In online dating, it is a lot easier to ask someone out and receive a negative response. You can also quickly move on to another person. Turning people down yourself is also easier for you.