With the advancement of technology, the world has turned to a global village in real sense. Cross-cultural marriages are becoming common. Nowadays people are taking leaps to totally unknown destinations. Finding a foreign life partner or marrying a foreign national gives you some joys as well as some problems at the same time.

Let’s see how a foreign life partner can affect your life:


  1. A foreign bride/groom attracts your friends and family. They are exotic, unusual and important.
  2. Wedding is celebrated in both partners’ homelands. Two celebrations are too much exciting.
  3. You get more exposure to the world .You can also get citizenship of the other country without any effort.
  4. A chance of a vacation abroad, makes the life even more interesting.
  5. You will never get bored in each other’s company. Two different cultures can be the topic of an everlasting conversation. Further, you can take advices from a totally different mindset that may assist you in practical life.
  6. You can eat delicious food of an entirely different culture. A change in taste makes your occasions special
  7. Always be ready for surprises. A foreigner will always surprise you with something you can never imagine
  8. A simple common relationship that everyone may have is not pleasing at all. What’s so special in this boring plain life? A foreigner can make this boring life interesting.
  9. The secrets of foreign language that you learn from your partner are so enjoyable.
  10. Your children can learn two languages. Another plus point is that your children will be at low risk of diseases.


  1. It’s difficult to communicate fluently if you can’t understand each other’s first language. It can irritate you sometimes.
  2. If your wife is a foreigner, she won’t be a good cook of your traditional recipes.
  3. Aging fades away the beauty and charm. So with time those exotic features you fell for will lose their attractiveness.
  4. Children will get trouble in learning two languages. If one language is prioritized, it may hurt the other person or create disputes.
  5. Trips to you partners’ homeland are a burden to your budget. It is also a waste of time
  6. The charm of foreign beauty decreases with time.
  7. You can’t get a complete understanding of each others’ nature. Cross-culture partners have different mentality. They can never explain each other what they assume about different situations. A little thing that is unimportant to your partner can be heartache and big issue for you.
  8. You probably lose your values in next generation and your children tend to date another race. Your basic bloodline vanishes.
  9. A partner who is away from her/his homeland may get frustrated sometimes. It can cause bitterness in relationships. They expect too much because they have left their home country for you. So they demand extra care from your side.
  10. If unfortunately the marriage ends up in divorce, situation is really worse for children. They would lose one parent for the whole life.

Now you are aware of the positive as well as negative sides of having a foreign life partner.

Decide wisely to live a happy life!