Russian beauty

Because your cultures are different, it is difficult to say if your Russian beauty is flirting back or just being nice. When you want to get into seriously dating these women you need to learn the lingo. The good thing is that the Russian dating culture is very straight forward, there is no playing games. That means that there are sure ways to know if she is flirting back.

Read through these 5 signs and memorize them.

You haven’t talked to her yet:

1. Glancing, staring, smiling – Say you smiled at a gorgeous Russian woman at a bar or a cafe. The way you see that she has interest in Russian beautyyou is when she glances at you every now ant then. Your eyes meet and you may get a smile. That should be taken as a go-signal for approaching her. If you are in a bar then walk up to her and offer to buy her drinks. If you’re at a cafe, say hi and get her a coffee.

TIP: It is a fun time to meet sexy, flirty Russian women at bars but if you are looking for a serious relationship, then that is now the place to go searching. Try restaurants, bookstores (seriously) and cafes.

2. Body language – Russian women don’t mess about. If they are interested in you, they will make sure you notice it. For example, they will maintain eye contact with you and flip their hair. She may also fix her hair while maintaining eye contact. These ladies are straightforward and lots of guys find that irresistible.

When that happens, then absolutely go up to her and introduce yourself. It is important to exude confidence. Russian women don’t opt for the shy type.

When you have spoken to her:

3. Crossing the legs and showing hips – While talking to her, a sure way to know that she is flirting is if she crosses her legs in a way that it emphasises her hips. That is a very flirty move and her playfulness indicates that she wants you to notice how attractive she is. You better have a great compliment to give her. Try being original.

4. Playing with jewellery – Another sure way to tell she is flirting with you. If she is playing with her ring, necklace of earrings then you can be sure that she is into you.

5. Playing with words – Apart from all previous points she may be playful with her words. Her speech patterns may change according to what you are talking about. She will be coy and her comments will be followed by a sexy smile.


These 5 ways surely tell that your Russian beauty is interested in you. If you notice them then make sure you do something about it. Show her that you are the one she should be going home with.