So, you met an amazing person, and you’ve been online dating for some time now but for some reason, you can’t get her to commit. By now you are probably wondering what the heck could be the problem and why can’t you get that Russian girlfriend. There could be many reasons for that. For one thing, you may have the wrong approach. It could be how you approach women in general. Perhaps you are too shy, and perhaps you come on too strong.

In this article, we take a look at what could be the reasons you can’t get that Russian girlfriend. Let’s take a look at what the possibilities are.

1. Too shy?

Russian girlfriendShy is not something that works for getting a Russian girlfriend. These ladies are passionate, energetic, full of life, and they need someone who is the same. Shy translates into boring very easily and a guy who isn’t assertive is simply a turn-off. The way to knock the shy factor is to add more stuff to your About Me section. More hobbies, favourite music and movies, vacation spots, you name it. Also, write what you dislike – not something shy people do.

2. Unflattering pictures on your profile.

Your profile picture is the first thing that people see, so it needs to be presentable. If you can, have a professional take it. Don’t wear a hat or sunglasses and look straight at the camera. Wearing a smile is also a good idea – that way you look friendly and approachable. Also, don’t wear any strange outfits – you want to come across intelligent.

3. Lacking conversation skills.

Sometimes, when we talk to someone who is very attractive to us, we may not be the best conversationalists. That’s where jokes usually come in, and we forget that most people just are not that funny. Also, it will seem that you are trying too hard, which is also a turn off for Russian ladies. It is all about being natural. zopiclone Deutschland zolpidem Deutschland