Sure ways to make a European woman lose interest

Whilst there are many factors which could make a European woman lose interest, nothing drives a woman away faster than figuring out she’s dating one of the types below.

1. The Still-a-Kid Type

This guy is crazy about playing video games and uses any available minute to try and increase his score. He loves keg parties and gets excited about drinking games. This type of guy loses interest in his job or gets fired every now and then and his only ambition is to beat his friends’ game scores. While it’s true it could be entertaining spending some time with this guy, there’s no future with him as he shows no signs of growing up yet.

2. The Womaniser

Most confident and self assured women wouldn’t mind their boyfriend admiring a beautiful woman, however, there’s a difference between understanding beauty and undressing a lady with your eyes. The womaniser type of guy tends to stare at every woman who walks past him and this is sure to make his companion feel inadequate and not good enough. No woman wants to fight for attention, at least not for a long time, so your inappropriate comments and sleazy behaviour will drive a woman away sooner or later.

European Woman

3. The Flaunter Type

One of the biggest turn offs for a European lady is someone who is absolutely obsessed with money, regardless of whether he has none of it or a lot. Being rich and talking about it at any given moment is not at all better from being poor and taking your date to a cheap restaurant or taking the subway to avoid paying for parking. Dating should be about getting to know each other better and not discussing the size of your bank account. It’s not wrong trying to get a good offer if you don’t have much money or buying things if you do, but don’t talk about it constantly during your date.

4. The Tech Guy

The tech guy is obsessed with the latest gadgets and spends his time reading about the latest editions of cars, phones, computers, anything that’s new. A woman is usually left wondering where exactly she fits in all of this. Furthermore, she could very well end up being replaced by someone younger and fresher too one day. Women don’t like competing with material things and since a guy who is too busy chasing the latest trends won’t have enough time to spend with his partner, she will soon move on to find someone who does.

5. The Man-Child

In some countries and cultures it’s perfectly normal to stay living at your childhood home even after turning eighteen, but a grown man who still relies on his mother to take care of him should raise some red flags. If she still does his laundry, cleans his room and cooks his breakfast, no woman will want to go out with him and risk taking over the job. European women are looking for a serious long term relationship and not a child to take care of.

Even if you do fall into one of these categories, don’t worry. It’s possible that you will meet someone who is just as as crazy about video games as you or who thinks money is the most important thing in the world. Still, most women see the above mentioned factors as signs that a man is not ready for commitment yet. Of course, it doesn’t mean that all these men are bad, they just need to identify the traits that push women away and be willing to compromise or change their ways.