Russians are one of the understated stereotypes, which is actually true! If you take a casual hit in any Russian street, the typical female you will see, will referred to be a cute or beautiful girl in other countries. The amazing thing is that every one out of five girls will be dropped out of magazine gorgeous. This is the kind of looks you only get to see in entertainment capitals. In order to make the best use of my time, I recalled some recently conducted studies elaborating the fact regarding the beauty of hot Russian girls.

Facts You should Know about Hot Russian Girls

Women from counties such as Russia, Ukraine and other Eastern European countries are said to be the most attractive ones. But if you take my word for it, I would also like to add Swedish and German in to the bucket list. But why in this case?! Well this relates back to postwar period. But as time passed, the sex ratios absurdly skewed and only the supreme ones got married. However, under certain facts, we can expect some soft polygamy which causes the development of harem. Fortunately, this was not the case with Stalinist social morals and controls. This is the obvious reason that most of the men want to date hot Russian girls. After all, it has become more than a lucrative business nowadays.

Was the Theory Any Good?

To be honest, the previous theory was tempting but it was incorrect. Dating girls didn’t mean anything for previous generations and was almost impossible. This was the reason that the previous generations didn`t witness substantial genetic impact for reversion.

Violence and Beauty

The German beauty remained the same even the plain. However, the Slavic women paved the way through 20th century. If you care to know, you will find out that the Napoleon mistresses were Polish, Ottomans Sultan filled East Slavic Women from which Roxelana became very strong figure in Politics.

Final Take

With that being said, I firmly believe that there are a couple of more possible explanations about the secrets behind the beauty of Russian women. Well if you get to date hot Russian girls perspective, I will say that the Asian chicks are prettier than average as they have been in peaceful environment. But it may be that the Slavic women dress better or they put more effort into looking feminine! Therefore, it is best for some people to leave this argument as an open question? However, it is a vital truth that Russian ladies are considered the most gorgeous women on the earth.