So you have been chatting online for several months, a spark is present, and you arrange to go on your first date. The date goes well; there is chemistry, mutual attraction and conversation that flows with ease. You may become complacent and automatically assume that a second date is inevitable, but you would be wrong. Just because the first date went well doesn’t mean you can stop all the hard work you have been doing and sit back and relax, if anything your job has just begun.

All About Wanting More

Making her want more is the key to getting a second date. A first date is all about getting to know each other, learning about each other’s pasts, present and plans for the future. It is important at this stage not to give too much away; you want, to be honest with her but leave her with some unanswered questions in her mind. An air of mystery is a very attractive trait in a man, and it is important to maintain it without coming across as too aloof or obnoxious.

Don’t Overdo It

Another thing to bear in mind is that there is a very delicate line between giving her all of your attention and showering her with compliments and coming across as clingy or over keen. Be sure that she is clear that you are attracted to her and wish to pursue a romantic relationship, but do not come across as desperate and needy in your approach. By all means, be a gentleman, be chivalrous and let her know that you think she is a beautiful and intelligent women but stop there. Any more is overkill, and we are all aware that too much of a good thing is never good. Keep her wanting more that is the key to success.

Keeping Things Exciting

Our last bit of advice is to keep things exciting. Don’t make annoying suggestions for a date – no one wants to go to the cinema or an archaeology exhibition on a first date. Keep the ideas fresh and exciting. Scenarios where you can get to know each other and enjoy each other’s company. Always hint that you have something super exciting planned for any subsequent dates, this will reassure your love interest that you interested in seeing her again and I have wonderful things planned for the two of you to do.