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Russian wife

Let’s presume your story goes like this. You met a gorgeous Russian woman online and after a long time of dating you have decided to get married. You both decided that she will be moving to your country and are wondering what you can do to help lessen the culture shock your Russian wife may feel. There is plenty you can do to support her and we have put together a list detailing just that. read more


So you’ve made the decision to fly over to Russia to meet your online partner. When you travel to foreign countries it’s always a good idea to do some research into how you should behave, where you should go and what should your activities be in the destination country. Russia has a very rich cultural history and there are expectations that may be very acceptable in the West but NOT what you should expect when visiting a Russian woman. read more

Dating a Hot Russian Bride? How to Make Sure She Doesn’t Lose Interest

Keeping a hot Russian bride’s interest

If you’ve been frequenting online dating sites for some time now, it’s possible that you have met a hot Russian bride you really like. You’ve already exchanged some letters and things seem to be going well when suddenly, you don’t hear from her again. Naturally, you’re left wondering what happened. read more

Online Relationships – How to Treat Your Russian Date

Impressing your Russian date

International dating has become very popular in the recent years and many men dream of having their very own Russian date. Guys like that may be wondering though how to meet that perfect woman if they don’t live close to a foreign community and if travelling often is not an option. Luckily, the internet is full of Russian dating sites and connecting with gorgeous foreign women is not difficult. You’ll find a couple of factors to think about in terms of international dating, so here’s a little guide to dating Russian ladies on the web. read more

International Relationships – Dating Russian Ladies Online

Dating Russian Ladies – Overcoming the Challenges of Long Distance Relationships

Each relationship needs both partners to make an effort if they want to keep their connection healthy. This is even more true when dating Russian ladies on the internet. Although most couples communicate frequently, they’re still feeling lonely and missing their partner because phone calls can not replace the feeling of being together physically. If you want to make the time go by faster, there are many things that could be done to keep the loneliness away. read more