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Looking at the title you may think that we have something against Russian ladies but it isn’t true. It is just that because of the mail order bride boom – a lot of shady characters surfaced and started taking advantage of vulnerable men looking for love online. There are some ladies who think of online dating as a business plan – find a guy to pay for their lifestyle. This article lists three types of women you don’t want to get close to: read more

Courting Russian Ladies – Understanding Their Character

Understand the character of Russian ladies

There are various things to know about Russian ladies and their characters before getting involved with one of these gorgeous women.

Among the most important factors to know is that these women have certain beliefs and traditions which are extremely different and complicated because of the lengthy period of isolation the country endured in the past. read more

Russian Date Tips – Going Out with Russian Singles

Dating Russian Singles Online

The world is a wonderful place with many remarkable women to date, but more and more men are considering dating Russian singles these days. The fact that there are so many people to date has left some people wondering why limit your dating choices to just one nation, why date only Russian women?

This is certainly a question lots of men ask themselves, but the truth is, anyone who has ever witnessed the beauty of Russian singles will admit that it’s your one and only chance to date the most beautiful women in the world. The popularity of international dating has grown fast over the last few years and thousands of men are now looking for love online. Let us tell you some of the reasons why these men choose to date foreign women over local ladies. What is it that makes Russian dating so special? read more

Reasons to Date Girls from Russia

Relationships with girls from Russia

The world really is a wonderful place where the most gorgeous creation is the female form. Pretty much every single man will admit that there’s nothing more lovely than a voluptuous girl looking stunning in her favourite outfit. Whilst most agree concerning the beauty of all ladies in the world, girls from Russia are best known for their charming characters and gorgeous looks. It appears that Eastern Europe is the part of the globe which gives us the most beautiful ladies in the world. read more