Tips For Making Online Dating Work for You

Just about everything has moved online these days, and that has paved the way for online dating. There are so many different portals to pick from, and everyone can take a shot at finding a partner. However it isn’t as easy as it sounds – it poses some challenges. You need to be smart about how you present yourself, be clear about what it is you want and be prepared to put in the time.

1. Openmindedness

online datingBeing flexible is an important quality when it comes to online dating. Having so many people to choose to be your date can be hard. But being selective doesn’t also not work out that well. For example, if you are only looking for women who are 5.6, love poetry and lacrosse then you may be out of luck. Instead, try filtering out whatever are deal-breakers for you. It is important to find common ground, but research shows that it isn’t as important as we think.

2. Photos

Pictures you add to your online dating profile must be recent and attractive. Studies show that pictures where the subject is looking at the camera, smiling and not wearing a hat or sunglasses get the most clicks. With regards to the gallery on your profile – add pictures where you are engaged in a hobby. According to research men do the best when they are showing off muscles(seriously) or their pets.

3. About You

The “about me” section should not be too long or too generic. Whatever it is you are passionate about, spell it out. That will help you connect with people that have the same interests be an opening for a conversation. Don’t write down every little detail about yourself – leave room for some mystery.

4. Grammar

A lot of people underestimate the importance of perfect grammar when it comes to online dating. What they don’t know is how often people decide against writing someone who has a profile full of spelling mistakes. As nitpicky as it sounds – bad grammar is a turn off so take time and proofread your profile and every letter you send out.


Online dating can be an amazing experience if you know what you are doing. Follow the tips we provided in this article, don’t rush things or put too much pressure on a blossoming relationship and you will see success. Good luck!