Are you new to online dating or have you been around for a while? Today’s article is suitable for people with either experience. It is never a bad idea to gain more knowledge of how to make your online dating experience more enjoyable. In this article, we are going to take a look at what approaches can hinder the success you would otherwise have with the ladies.

1. Overdoing It

online datingThat is something that can take place on a subconscious level. By overdoing it, we mean that you write a hundred letters to someone just because they didn’t respond in one day. It makes much more sense to take the hint. If you haven’t received a response in weeks, then you need to move on. There are plenty of fish in the sea, as they say.

2. Starting Off Weak

Writing “Hi! How are you?” is just about the weakest way one can begin a letter or chat. Think about it. The other person answers the question in a similar fashion, and that is it. Nothing peaks her interest. What you want to do is scan the profile of the woman that interests you. Find a similar interest or something else that fascinates you and write a letter based on that.

3. Bragging

Another thing that can happen on a subconscious level is bragging. We all want to impress the people we are attracted to. However, if you focus too much on trying to look good to the other person, they grow tired of it. You will look like a self-centered person very soon, and that puts people off. Make sure you ask the other person questions about her life.


Did you find anything familiar in today’s post? Perhaps you’ve been a little guilty of some of these common online dating mistakes. Not to worry – everything can be turned around. Just remember the tips we provided. Don’t bombard anyone with messages, start off strong with your letters and put the spotlight on the other person more.