If you have an interest in dating Russian women, then this article is ideal for you. To have a good experience with dating them online and because they are from a different culture, it is best to gather as much information about them as possible. Thanks to the mail order bride boom, online dating Russian women has a negative connotation tied to it.

1. Party Girl

These women are typically very young and aren’t looking for anything serious. Most likely they are after guys that want to sponsor their carefree lifestyle of partying and traveling. If you aren’t looking for anything serious, then this can work out in your favor. However, if you are like most people then you are looking for a long-term partnership, and you should move on from this type.

2. Dependent Type

This is the kind of person who views online dating as a session in the psychologist’s office. They can’t seem to go a full day without needing attention and advice about something. You will hear about everything that is wrong in their life and it goes on forever. Our advice is to leave the situation as soon as you realize someone is treating you as if you are their therapist.

3. Gold Digger

It would be impossible to miss the gold digger in an online setting. Sooner or later they will ask you for money. Remember the cardinal rule of online dating – don’t send anyone money that you have only met online. Doesn’t matter what story they come up with. In an offline setting, you can detect a gold digger if you take a woman out on dates, and they are only satisfied with the most expensive gifts and locations.


When looking to date Russian women, be clear about what it is you are looking for and also about what you don’t want. Remember the tips provided in this article and come back soon for more dating articles.