Ukrainian Girls: First Date Guide

ukrainian girlsIn any situation, making the right first impression can be hard, especially on a first date with Ukrainian girls. Because you are bringing yourself forward for appraisal, you have to make sure you don’t get rejected.

There are things you can do to ensure that you get a second date, and here’s how:

Scrap Dinner and Movies
Having dinner and watching a movie is so typical among first dates, so you shouldn’t make your own first date just as ordinary. There are many other things you can do and places to go when dating Ukrainian girls. Some dating ideas include early morning picnics, skiing, bowling, and any other outdoor activity that doesn’t involve a restaurant and the cinema. Additionally, a dinner and movie date doesn’t provide many opportunities for you to impress and interact with her. One great date idea is a spa date because it is unusual for men to enjoy days at the spa. Let her know how devoted you are by preferring an activity that she would surely love.

Be Truthful But Don’t Overshare
It pays to be truthful at all times, not just on first dates. However, there are some things about one’s personal life that you don’t just divulge to people you just met, even if you’re expecting to have a future with them. One such information is the amount of money you make. Some people judge others based on their income and investments, but you should aim to be looked over in regard to your ambitions, beliefs, and your personality. Also, do not give a detailed account of a previous date or relationship, especially the not so good things about it. It’s usually fetching to tell stories of unpleasant dates, but if you’re not going to be discreet about it, you might have to go on another first date next time.

Don’t Push for Sex on the First Date
Most Ukrainian girls think that it’s not a good idea to have sex on the first date even if they like the guy, so you should never make her feel that you’re expecting some bedroom action during or after your date. Do your best to be as gentlemanly and respectful as you can because if you get lucky and she really likes you, she’ll be the one to come up with excuses to take you to bed. Still, even if you don’t get sensual signals from her on your first date, just try to enjoy the moment and get to know her better.

Ask Her. Don’t Assume.
When planning your first date, ask her first if she has something in mind. Even if she gives you free rein to do the planning, ask her if what you’ve come up with is okay with her. And even if she says “surprise me,” you have to ask, “are you sure?” Don’t just assume about the things that she may or may not like. This will show her that you value her opinion, and that if ever you’ll have a relationship, you are a team in making decisions.

Clean Up Before You Show Up
Ukrainian girls love men who put an effort in looking good. You don’t always have to be extremely handsome or greatly muscle-packed. If you show up in your date in the right clothes, clean, showered, and smelling intensely sexy, you can already count on that second date.

Alex Vidal