So you have set your eyes on this beautiful Ukrainian woman you would absolutely love to date. How can you tip the odds in your favour? What are some of the things you need to know about women from this culture in order to be successful in dating them? Here are a couple of suggestions:

1. Dress Up

Ukrainian womanUkrainian women are considered to be among the most beautiful ones on the planet. They love to take care of their looks. They eat well, love to shop, know a ton about make up, love to exercise. And since they pay this much attention to their looks you won’t find them walking next to some guy with ripped jeans and a simple t-shirt on. Get some fashion advice if you are not too savy on this topic. There are plenty of stores that offer help – get a stylist if you need to. Make sure you also get a good haircut and a nice pair of shoes. A nice masculine scent won’t hurt either.

2. Masculinity, confidence, romance.

Ukrainian women are used to men being more manly than the ones in the west. Ukrainian society is still very conservative so gender roles are largely at play. Being manly in Ukraine doesn’t mean being macho. It is a mixture of a lot of confidence and chivalry. This combination is absolutely charming to the ladies. Opening doors, bringing flowers to a date, offering your hand when she steps out of the car – the whole prince charming thing. In order to show off confidence, speak in your language instead of trying to say something in the local language.

3. Show interest in her.

By that we mean show interest in her as a person. Ask her tons of questions about herself and actually be interested as well. Ask about her hobbies, her childhood, what she wants to do in the future, her ambitions, her views on worldly matters and so on. Even sports, movies and food. Anything you can think of. Naturally don’t do it all at once because it can get overwhelming. Topics you don’t want to discuss just yet – anything about her ex. Also avoid politics and religion.

4. Make her laugh

Every woman loves a man that has a great sense of humour. Naturally you don’t want it to be aggressive so keep from dirty jokes. Also don’t push it too hard otherwise you will come across a little desperate. Just be laid back and natural and let the conversations flow with some humour.

5. Treat her with respect.

This is absolutely vital. Ukrainian women, though very flirtatious, still view dating in a conservative fashion. Don’t think there will be any intimacy on the very first date. Building a long term relationship will take some time. Use your words wisely and ensure her that you are in it for the long haul. Be respectful of your Ukrainian date and see how your chances with her improve.