Russian girlfriendOnline relationships are definitely very testing for sure. You need to find a balance between being together online(talking online, via text or through phone calls) and maintaining independence as an individual. This statement shouldn’t surprise you since independence will be good for the both of you as well as for your relationship. Here are some ways you can stay independent with your Russian girlfriend:

Remember your down time.

And don’t forget hers. No relationship needs additional pressure and stress so ensure that you both spend some time apart. To put it differently: take time away from your phone and computer and don’t pressure each other to meet online all the time. Give each other room to breathe.

Spend time with your friends.

It is important that you don’t spend your time in one place. It cannot be stressed enough. Nothing is more counterproductive than not wanting your partner to spend time with their friends. Especially the ones she had before ever meeting you. Your friends shouldn’t disappear from your life just because you are in a relationship. Schedule time to hang out with them or do so spontaneously. Keep them close and encourage her to do the same.

Don’t forget your dreams.

Having someone to share your life with is very special and it definitely changes a few things but where you shouldn’t compromise is on what you really love and want to do in your life. Presumably you have your goals and you should keep moving towards them. Make sure that both of you still have the time to follow your dreams.

State your opinion.

Having a Russian girlfriend you will learn quickly that she is very upfront with her opinion about everything. Make sure you state your own opinion as well. It is important to be sincere and not conceal any feelings you have. That would be suppressing them which never ends well. Be honest and make sure you are heard.

Things being natural.

It is important that things take a natural course. While scheduling is relevant in online relationships, sometimes it is tough to keep to them. Especially when things are changing at work or in school. Unexpected things happen and you need to be ready for that. The both of you. Don’t take it to heart when she can’t show up sometimes and try to keep her from getting down when you suddenly get very busy. Let things happen naturally.

Balance is Key

It is also possible to be a little too independent in a relationship and that is when things start to fall apart. But if you are happy in your relationship with your Russian girlfriend then this is no issue. Remember these tips and your online relationship will last and eventually become a real life one.