If you happen to be in a long distance relationship with a Ukrainian woman then making her feel special can be quite a challenge. You live so far away so there isn’t that much you can do to keep her happy. This article offers helpful tips about what you can do to make your Ukrainian girlfriend feel special. Try these couple of thigs:

1. Surprise her with presents.

Ukrainian girlfriendThanks to advances in technology, distance can be a smaller issue nowadays. You can live chat, make video calls, send text messages and emails and so on. However, that doesn’t always make up for the lack of physical presence. Here is where sending presents as a surprise will do a world of good. This is a way to provide her with something physical that will remind her of you in her day to day life. If you are using an online dating service then you can have them send things over via their gift service. You can also do the sending yourself via mail.

What to get her:

*Flowers are always a great idea. Especially so with Eastern-European ladies.
*A stuffed animal. We realize this seems incredibly corny but it can be seen as a temporary substitute for you.
*Chocolates are a classic.
*A nice bottle of scent also does the trick.

2. Handwrite a letter.

The so called old school way of sending letters is always incredibly romantic. We get it that sending email or chatting online is much easier. But we aren’t going for comfort here. You want to make your Ukrainian girlfriend happy so put the time and effort into writing a real letter. Imagine how amazing she will feel when she gets this letter.

3. Giving her attention.

Last but not least – giving her attention. It is easy to get caught up in our day to day lives but if you are in a long distance relationship you need to stay focused on your girlfriend. Schedule as much of your free time with her as you can. Remember to pay her compliments. Express how much you are missing her.


Having a long-distance/online relationship with your Ukrainian girlfriend isn’t easy. Both parties need to put in effor to maintain the relationship. Use our tips and solidify the connection you two have.