Slavic women

What do women from these regions want in a guy? What exactly are Slavic women into?

If you’re reading this article then you most likely have questions just like these. The answers are in the values they hold important. What kind of values are they? Family, passion, love, just to name a couple. There are plenty more but lets narrow it down to 6 for now. We have conducted some research and found that these ladies are looking for someone who has these qualities:

1. Someone with a great attitude towards kids.

This isn’t all that surprising. Most women want a guy that’s good with kids; someone who loves being around them and knows how to offer them what they need for a great childhood. They want someone who is thinking of becoming a father one day and not just a father but a great one.

2. Someone who is confident and intelligent.

Everyone likes these attributes in their partner and these ladies are no exception. The combination of these characteristics equals to charm. They need to be balanced out as well – by confident we don’t mean cocky and by intelligent we don’t mean being a complete know-it-all. The balance of confidence and intelligence is what is the most attractive.

3. Someone who can keep a good conversation going.

Most of these ladies are interested in someone they can open up to an talk about topics they find very important. Education is important to women from that region so you can most likely discuss an array of topics with them – art and music, current events and politics, history and so on. If you love to read, have interesting hobbies and have a travelled a bit these ladies will definitely find you attractive.

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4. Someone who knows what he wants in life.

People who are aimless and just seem to float about in life aren’t really all that attractive to anyone. If you are only looking for a good time then it’s best for you to be open and honest about it up front. To women looking for a serious relationship you may come across as immature.

5. Someone who is a gentleman.

Respectful yet decisive, brave but not too macho, someone who loves to give special attention – this is exactly what women want. Most guys treat their women like this in Slavic countries and so the women are very used to this. Focus on exhibiting these qualities.

6. Someone who as ambition.

As mentioned earlier, Slavic women want someone with a direction in life. This one adds on top of that. Ambition is something that is always attractive. The drive towards success, the drive to provide for your future family and the drive to have a great stable life – these are exactly what the women are looking for.

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