So you are interested in dating European women and are now wondering what do they want in a man. Legend says that European women are only interested in a knight in shining armor. A perfect man who is good looking, in fantastic shape and drives a very expensive car. Is there any truth to that? We are here to say that no there isn’t. Our research has led us to different conclusions.

So what kind of a guy are European women interested in?

1. A guy who can be sensitive.

European womenThat shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone. Women want a guy that can understand them. Unfortunately, there are several negative words tied to the word “sensitive”. Such as “sappy”, “soft” and “overly feminine”. What people don’t realize is that there are also positive words associated with it: “understanding” and “empathetic.”

2. A guy who is confident.

Everyone is attracted to people who have confidence and European are no different here. Confidence shows in how decisive you are. How one can take control of the situation if need be. Someone who can be supportive if it proves to be necessary.

3. A provider.

Don’t take this the wrong way. European women are perfectly capable of taking care of themselves when it comes to finances. The thing is that if it comes time to create a family they will rely on you more and stay home with the kids. That is where being with a provider is important.

4. They want respect.

Respect is vital in relationships with European women. That means taking her opinion into account, not having a problem with her working or pursuing hobbies. For there to be balance in the relationship – respect is a must.


Dating European women is wonderful. More so if you have done your homework and are more familiar with them. Come back soon for more European dating tips.