A lot of guys these days are interested in dating Russian women. Most of them just jump head into the process without taking the time to think about important factors. These factors either make or break your success with dating these gorgeous ladies. The most vital thing to keep in mind when beginning dating someone from another country is their culture. Behaviour is influenced by it. So what are some of the things you need to keep in mind?

1. The Importance of Looks

Russian womenRussian women care a lot about their looks. They dress up even for casual outings. Since they are dedicated to the healthy lifestyle and wearing nice things they want a man next to them who can also dress up. Upgrade your wardrobe if all you have in, there are just jeans and t-shirts. A lot of men’s stores have stylists that can help you out.

2. Gifts and Romance

In Russia, gift giving is very common. You get and give presents for almost any occasion. And dating is no exception here. Gifts need not be expensive, simply thoughtful. It is customary to bring flowers or chocolate to your dates. Remember this tip – it will score you some points.

3. Being a Gentleman

Russian women grew up being treated like princesses. They are used to it, so you better continue the tradition. Do the simple things like paying on the first dates, bringing flowers and so on.

4. Treat Them Like Ladies

The fourth point is tied to the previous one. Women are treated as ladies, and they also behave as such. The Russian society is still traditional meaning the women are naturally feminine. That means you can do all the guy things you want, as long as you let them do girl things as well.


Remember these pointers and you will be successful in dating Russian women. Make sure you do some homework on your own as well to better your chances even further.